May 14, 2024

10 Things to Remember if You Have Anxiety

Did you know that over 40 million people suffer from an anxiety disorder?  This is nearly 18% of our population.  Symptoms can be managed and there are a variety of things that may help.  General anxiety can be common in stressful situations, such a public speaking, but it can also be present in day-to-day life. 

Anxiety can mask itself in various symptoms that you may not realize are related – changes in heart rate and blood pressure that can lead to heart palpitations, a racing heart, and chest pain; sweating, trembling, and shaking; trouble sleeping; feeling irritable, tense, or restless; etc.

It is important to realize what may a trigger for anxiety in you – exhaustion; the buildup of stress; being out of work or working long hours; lots of changes or uncertainty; etc. 

No matter, there are things you can do to help your anxiety and, in turn, yourself and overall well-being.  Keep these things in mind:

10 Things to Remember if You Have Anxiety

  1. Thoughts are just thoughts.  You do not need to give them meaning. They are not facts.
  2. Understand WHY you’re feeling anxious, don’t just accept your anxiety.
  3. You can change the way you think. You have the power to reduce anxiety.
  4. Don’t feed your fears.  Although fears/anxiety can warn you of true danger, they can also “trick” and lie to you.
  5. Remember your strengths.  They are much stronger than your fears.
  6. Your physical health is linked to your mental health.
  7. Managing anxiety is a skill like any other – you need practice.
  8. It is ok to feel overwhelmed and have “bad” days. They will pass.  You can survive them.
  9. You are not alone.
  10. It is OK to “let it out”.  And give anxiety (and yourself) time!  Recognize it.  Acknowledge it. Let it run its course.

Other Facts

  • 90% of fears exist in your mind – only 10% of the time are they to protect you from danger
  • Anxiety can be used as a strength – carried out as energy or enthusiasm, drive and ambition (great leaders can be made from those who gain control of their anxiety)
  • Anxiety is very treatable with different methods – mindfulness is one of them…and we give tips on this every week (be sure to check out the Mindful Minute below)

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