...a fiery, compassionate person reminding you how awesome you are and that you are capable of ANYTHING! I empower individuals, teams, and families to recognize and reach their full potential through yoga and mindfulness coaching. While hanging out with me for a bit, you’ll find out more about obtaining your optimal well-being by focusing on five key fields of health—spiritual, financial, mental, emotional and physical. I coach as I try to live my own life—with grace, a genuine heart, and a bit of good ol’ fashioned grit.

hi, i'm j.j. McClain...

As a busy Midwestern momma, wife, business woman, and overall "high energy" person, I experience firsthand the importance of focusing on self-care and healthy living. With that, I started Living Healthy in 5 Fields, LLC. I love love (and think we need more of it), living life to its fullest, and helping others. I plug along in my “habanero and jalapeno” life with my children, husband, two dogs, and anyone else who will let me love on them a bit – all mixed in with lots of God’s grace and direction.

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Why is it that so many people think having discipline when it comes to good eating choices and exercise is a bad thing? Perhaps it is not that they actually think it is “bad”, but that is often how it can come across. Comments, eye rolls, snuffs, when the dessert tray is “denied,” healthy snack options are brought to gatherings, “special” orders are made at restaurants, time is spent exercising instead of “playing.”  Living in a world of “go with the flow, you only live once,” may be the reason…I like that mentality with many things too. But structure and discipline when it comes to eating and exercise are good too.


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“Get out of your head!” You know those moments when your mind is stirring with all sorts of thoughts and anxiety starts to creep in - or fear, or anger, or doubt. It all starts to rumble up like an incoming storm. You can see it coming, but you don’t know what to do with it!? The perfect time to say to yourself “get out of your head!” Say it with passion and conviction. 


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I think there is often a gap between Church and God! I know that’s a bold statement, but hear me out. To me, God is limitless love, true forgiveness, and utmost safety. But often, within churches, we hear judgement, and fear tactics, and boundaries. It may be human nature, it may be ignorance, it may be unintentional - but, whatever it is, it feels yucky!

Church vs. God

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Do you ever find random hearts in nature, your coffee or other unexpected places? It’s one of my very favorite things. Finding one reminds me to pause, love a little deeper and pray a little harder. When you see a random, unexpected heart I hope you feel the love and spread it around to others through thoughts, prayers and kind actions.

Many have joined me in this heart finding and have sent stories and photos. Some were sent with simple thoughts and words of love; some with deep, heartfelt stories; some with perfect timing. All appreciated and treasured!

I’d love if you would share your random heart finds here and on social media with the hashtag #seeingthelove. Because LOVE WINS! Every time! 1 John 3:18

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