Coping Skills

May 21, 2024

A coping skill is the way you handle feelings – anger, stress, fear, joy, etc.  There are different coping skills that can either help or hurt the situation, you, and/or others involved. Healthy coping skills can help you tolerate, minimize, and deal with stressful situations in life. On the other hand, sometimes it’s tempting to engage in coping strategies that will give quick relief but might create bigger problems down the road.  It is important to learn about variations and try your best to establish healthy coping skills that will help reduce emotional distress for the short and long term.

Below are examples of a few variations:

Healthier Options

Positive self-talk

Deep breathing

Taking a shower

Going for a walk

Doing something creative


Talking to a friend

Taking a time-out

Using “I feel” messages

Counting to 10

Spending time on hobbies

Unhealthier Options

Name calling/insulting

Becoming violent

Spreading rumors

Yelling and screaming

Hurting yourself


Doing something dangerous

Shutting down

Pretending like you don’t care

Screaming at other people

Negative self-talk

Ignoring family/friends

It’s often difficult to recognize and choose healthier options on your own.  Part of my passion and career (and various certifications) help people through this.  Please feel free to reach out about services or check out the Services page on this site.

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