Energy …


7 Tips to Boost it Naturally Positive energy refers to an attitude that is encouraging, productive, and beneficial. Taking care of yourself, focusing on gratitude, being kind to others, and surrounding yourself with positive influences can all make a difference in your energy levels.  On the contrary, low levels of energy can lead you to […]



…is the most powerful tool you have. Everything boils down to choice. You exist within ultimate possibilities.  Every choice you make shuts any given door or opens another.  At any given point you can change the direction of your life by a simple choice.  It is all in your hands, your heart, and your mind.  […]

Finding Your Best Self…


15 Questions to Help Knowing who you really are makes everything simpler. Being true to yourself. Opening your mind to really asking yourself questions and sitting with the answers.  Learning about your authentic self is asking what you really care about, what breaks your heart, what opens your eyes, what lights you up. Knowing your […]



Examples and How to Recognize and Help Betrayal is such an impactful event that can leave lasting and painful scars on your heart and spirit. What you don’t often realize is how much (and how often) you do this to yourself.  When you’re self-betraying, you don’t love and accept yourself for who you are. You […]

Seeing Things More Clearly


5 Key Strategies Interpreting thoughts, happenings, and life in your own unique way is a good thing.  It is what keeps life interesting and beautiful – even in things around the world – art, architecture, music, literature, etc.  Where it may get a bit trickier – interpretations of thoughts can also trigger emotions. These emotions […]

A Quick Guide to Healthier Habits


Having habits and routines are essential aspects of everyday life.  Habits are the small changes that can add up to significant results over time.  Habits can play an active role in multiple aspects of life – mental and physical health, productivity, relationships, self-esteem, etc. In fact, studies have found that successful people tend to have […]

Developing a Growth Mindset


5 Key Questions and Growth Mindset Statements Scientists have proven that the brain acts like a muscle – the more it is used, the stronger (and smarter) the brain becomes.  Growth mindset is the belief that a person’s abilities and intelligence can be developed through practice, hard work, dedication, and motivation. A growth mindset can […]

A Guide to Living Mindfully


Living mindfully is about taking moments throughout the day to be fully present. It is about being aware of your individual impact and acknowledging the ripples of each step you take.  Mindfulness is being fully aware of what you are doing, thinking, and feeling at the moment.  When your mind wanders, you are aware and […]

Welcome 2024 – The Year of “Halfway There”


…and the Roadmap to Making it Happen Happy 2024! Ahhhhh, the first day of a new year.  The day after the songs, the ball drop, the midnight kisses, banging on pots and pans, the quick calls and texts to family.  I love it…all of it.  Even if just snuggling at home with a few of […]

The Pros and Cons of Setting a Resolution


…and Tips for Approaching it Mindfully Are you one to set a new year’s resolution?  Or does even the thought of that increase your heart rate, make you cringe, and you want to “quit” before you even get started? No matter where you stand in this debate, you are not alone.  In fact, if you […]

Mindfulness is being fully present and aware of what you are doing, thinking, and feeling at the moment. When your mind wonders, you are aware and gently bring it back to what you are focusing on—without judgement. Interested in learning more? Grab this guide help you get started.
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