“Spring” Into a Healthy State of Mind


Ways to Embrace the Change of the Seasons Have you ever heard of “the winter blues?” They are a legit thing.  Your mental health can actually be impacted by a shift in climate changes from any season into another. Climate changes can cause and intensify stress and anxiety, adversely affecting mental health.  For example, events […]

Meaning & Purpose


Research shows that purpose and meaning in life are associated with the highest levels of happiness.  In fact, it is said that having a purpose in life is one of the most fundamental human needs.  However, finding your purpose is often not obvious.  It helps when you are inspired and connected to doing more of […]

Personal Growth


Personal growth is a process of both understanding yourself and pushing yourself to reach your highest potential.  It means asking yourself who you are becoming and how you plan to get there.  People who prioritize personal growth also then, in turn, have more to give others.  Some examples of personal growth may include learning to […]

Living a Beautiful Life


A beautiful life does not mean a perfect life.  A beautiful life doesn’t just happen, it is built.  Built daily by choices, humility, point of view, and often sacrifice, hard work, and discipline. A beautiful life does not often include physical “things” or things we can even see or touch.  In fact, there is a […]

Seeing Things More Clearly


5 Key Strategies Interpreting thoughts, happenings, and life in your own unique way is a good thing.  It is what keeps life interesting and beautiful – even in things around the world – art, architecture, music, literature, etc.  Where it may get a bit trickier – interpretations of thoughts can also trigger emotions. These emotions […]

A Quick Guide to Healthier Habits


Having habits and routines are essential aspects of everyday life.  Habits are the small changes that can add up to significant results over time.  Habits can play an active role in multiple aspects of life – mental and physical health, productivity, relationships, self-esteem, etc. In fact, studies have found that successful people tend to have […]

A Guide to Living Mindfully


Living mindfully is about taking moments throughout the day to be fully present. It is about being aware of your individual impact and acknowledging the ripples of each step you take.  Mindfulness is being fully aware of what you are doing, thinking, and feeling at the moment.  When your mind wanders, you are aware and […]

Welcome 2024 – The Year of “Halfway There”


…and the Roadmap to Making it Happen Happy 2024! Ahhhhh, the first day of a new year.  The day after the songs, the ball drop, the midnight kisses, banging on pots and pans, the quick calls and texts to family.  I love it…all of it.  Even if just snuggling at home with a few of […]

The Pros and Cons of Setting a Resolution


…and Tips for Approaching it Mindfully Are you one to set a new year’s resolution?  Or does even the thought of that increase your heart rate, make you cringe, and you want to “quit” before you even get started? No matter where you stand in this debate, you are not alone.  In fact, if you […]

Mindfulness is being fully present and aware of what you are doing, thinking, and feeling at the moment. When your mind wonders, you are aware and gently bring it back to what you are focusing on—without judgement. Interested in learning more? Grab this guide help you get started.
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