Keep Tiny Promises to Yourself…


and the impact it has When you experience broken promises from a friend or family member it can stir up feelings of disappointment, frustration, and betrayal. It can create a loss of respect and erode relationships. When you don’t keep a promise to someone it communicates to that person that you don’t value him/her. You […]

Freedom and Independence


3 Types of Freedom and Tips on Breaking Free Freedom means the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without restraint or hindrance, without restriction, interference, or fear.  Essentially freedom means having choices. It is about being able to change your mind and choose different paths. It is about having no […]

Regaining Self-Trust


Self-trust is one of the most powerful virtues you have.  To succeed in anything, you must possess the ability to trust yourself.  Otherwise, you are living through someone else, you are trusting someone else to offer you what you need, you are giving up the power to do what is best for you.  You have […]



20 Tips to Stop Your Mind from Overthinking Overthinking, or when your thoughts and worries circle in an endless loop, can stem from a lot of things.  Fear of making mistakes, stress, and perfectionism name a few. If you constantly overthink things, it will become a habit.  This habit can, in turn, make you more […]

What You Need to Focus on Right Now…


What you can control. Your focus should be on the things you can control.  You may worry about things and when you find yourself doing so, ask “is this something I can actually have any control over?”  Take a moment to examine the situation. Pause. Notice. Revisit the facts (for sure stick to the facts). […]

Gardening as a Mindfulness Exercise


Within the last few years, the Royal Horticulture Society (RHS) and a few partner Universities did a study to help determine whether gardening is a mindfulness activity and the impact it has on our mental well-being (Mind & Soil). For this, a benchmark needed to be established so they reviewed how stressed the participants were […]



10 Things to Remember if You Have Anxiety Did you know that over 40 million people suffer from an anxiety disorder?  This is nearly 18% of our population.  Symptoms can be managed and there are a variety of things that may help.  General anxiety can be common in stressful situations, such a public speaking, but […]



7 Daily Prompts to Promote a More Positive Experience I am getting ready to complete 7-days together (virtually) with several friends (some new, some lifetime) working through activities to improve self-esteem.  The feedback has been both eye opening and inspiring. Eye opening to see how many have struggled with the daily tasks because they have […]

Self-Esteem Challenge


This post is the last of the month of April 2024 – the month of my birth to celebrate the BIG 5-0 and to officially kick off the year-long motto of #halfwaythere (because I am going to choose to make decisions for my health and well-being that will help me with the mentality of living […]

“Spring” Into a Healthy State of Mind


Ways to Embrace the Change of the Seasons Have you ever heard of “the winter blues?” They are a legit thing.  Your mental health can actually be impacted by a shift in climate changes from any season into another. Climate changes can cause and intensify stress and anxiety, adversely affecting mental health.  For example, events […]

Mindfulness is being fully present and aware of what you are doing, thinking, and feeling at the moment. When your mind wonders, you are aware and gently bring it back to what you are focusing on—without judgement. Interested in learning more? Grab this guide help you get started.
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