Seeing Things More Clearly

Jan 31, 2024

5 Key Strategies

Interpreting thoughts, happenings, and life in your own unique way is a good thing.  It is what keeps life interesting and beautiful – even in things around the world – art, architecture, music, literature, etc. 

Where it may get a bit trickier – interpretations of thoughts can also trigger emotions. These emotions may cause perceptions.  These perceptions can then cause actions.  We can create a version of a story in our minds in the matter of minutes – about yourself, someone you love, a stranger.  Especially when emotions are involved.  Then, these versions are what we often act upon. 

To help make sure you are considering all the information and possible outcomes, so your thoughts are as realistic and you can see things as clearly as possible, consider the following:

  1. Identify the situation, thoughts, and feelings – even when it is hard to identify true thoughts and feelings, you can at least look at the situation.  Look for the meaning in it – for you. I.E.) what did it mean to me that Sally didn’t invite me?  Or what does it actually mean to me when my spouse ___ (insert their action or reaction)?
  2. Take a step back, looking at what may be helpful – evaluate the situation from another perspective. Realize that (just as you) others may not be reacting with their true emotion/feeling (they may be hurt or scared, but are coming across angry). 
  3. Stick to the facts – we can make up all sorts of versions up in our minds about people, situations, reasons, etc.  But are they the actual facts, as you know them (and/or can be proven) to be true. Challenge yourself with this, asking yourself helpful questions – Am I sticking to the facts?  Have I taken different views into consideration?  
  4. Reconsider thoughts – develop new, more helpful ways of looking at the situation.
  5. Move forward in your thinking – what do you need to do now or next? Not reactively, but proactively.  With an open mind.  Offering yourself and others grace. Viewing yourself, the situation, and others in the situation with love and kindness.

Seeing things as they are and not as we wish them to be or perceive them to be enables you to make better decisions. These better decisions can then create a more positive ripple effect in your life.

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