What You Need to Focus on Right Now…

Jun 12, 2024

What you can control. Your focus should be on the things you can control.  You may worry about things and when you find yourself doing so, ask “is this something I can actually have any control over?”  Take a moment to examine the situation. Pause. Notice. Revisit the facts (for sure stick to the facts). And then remember that essentially your own efforts, actions, and attitudes are what you need to focus on. These can be broken down further into a hundred little things. To start, consider these 15 things….that you can control:

  1. How you respond to challenges
  2. How you act
  3. Saying what you need
  4. Setting your boundaries
  5. When and if you forgive others
  6. Owning up to your mistakes
  7. If you focus on the negatives or positives
  8. What kind of attitude you have
  9. How you relate to your feelings
  10. Treating others the way you would want to be treated
  11. Letting others know how you want (and deserve) to be treated
  12. Expressing what you hope for
  13. How you “talk” to yourself
  14. Reminding yourself that you are lovable
  15. What coping strategies you use

Through all of this, remember, it is important to be Proactive vs. Reactive.

Reactive – Time and energy spent on things you can’t control

What other people think. How other people act. Time passing. Having to pay bills. Traffic. Weather. What others think of you.

Proactive – Time and energy spent on things within your control

What you say. Where you work. What you do to take care of yourself. What you buy. What you look at online. Who you surround yourself with.

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