Living a Beautiful Life

Mar 5, 2024

A beautiful life does not mean a perfect life.  A beautiful life doesn’t just happen, it is built.  Built daily by choices, humility, point of view, and often sacrifice, hard work, and discipline.

A beautiful life does not often include physical “things” or things we can even see or touch.  In fact, there is a quote by actor and comedian, Jim Carrey, that says “I think everybody should get rich and famous and do everything they ever dreamed of so they can see that it’s not the answer.” From someone who has been rich and famous, this can teach a strong lesson. 

Humans have the innate ability to find contentment, satisfaction, kindness, love (of ourselves and others) – not material things – all leading to a beautiful life of your own.  Your own version.  Your own way.  You were made to live out YOUR story on this Earth – no one else’s – and, even with the hurt and pain of life, it can be so beautiful.

Finding Simple (Beautiful) Satisfaction Tips:

  • Seek out the silence.  Your brain is constantly receiving information (phones, radios, etc.), which leaves little to no space for creating or mulling things over. It is only when you’re silent you can reflect on your own mental and emotional states.  Start small – go without distracting sounds for even a few minutes and then build it up.
  • Sit in nature.  Being in nature has scientifically proven to influence focus, creativity, and even pain levels.  As little as 5 minutes can be of benefit.  Get outside – watch the sun go down, watch the leaves move, think about how beautiful the world truly is.
  • Don’t pay with credit.  If you can’t afford something with cash or your own (without using a credit card or borrowing or trading something else) don’t buy it.  Enjoy knowing you are fully responsible for a purchase.
  • Volunteer your time. When you volunteer, you usually encounter people who are having an even harder time than you.  Everyone has a story.  Give of yourself/your time and you may just see more of the beauty in the others, the situation, or your own life.
  • Tell YOUR life story. Write it down.  Seriously.  Like a biography.  You carry so much information about yourself – let it out. The act of writing it down can also make you see how much you have grown and can help you see more clearly in where it is you want to go next.
  • Foster your creativity.  We all have a creative side – find yours.  Creativity can reduce stress, improve brain function, boost your mood.  Writing, cooking, photography – find your creative passion.
  • Create a nightly ritual.  This can help you in the whole process of unwinding.  Tidy up, read, pause, and reflect – give yourself a few minutes before bed.
  • Give thanks for your existence.  Unhappiness and gratitude can’t exist at the same time. Be thankful. Thankful you’re alive. Thankful that, even the hardest things, happen FOR you, not TO you. Take a deep breath, give yourself a minute, make yourself smile, give yourself a hug. You’re here for a reason. 

Remember, your life is yours.  It was meant just for YOU to experience – your way.  Do not compare your beautiful life to anyone else’s. 

Do something beautiful this week – your version of beautiful.  Surprise the people around you – surprise yourself.  Amaze yourself.  And make choices toward the beautiful life of YOUR choosing. 

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