Welcome 2024 – The Year of “Halfway There”

Jan 1, 2024

…and the Roadmap to Making it Happen

Happy 2024! Ahhhhh, the first day of a new year.  The day after the songs, the ball drop, the midnight kisses, banging on pots and pans, the quick calls and texts to family.  I love it…all of it.  Even if just snuggling at home with a few of my favorite people (I definitely don’t need the public hype).  Big cheers and happiest of wishes to a terrific 2024!

Each year I typically set some crazy mental, emotional, and physical goal(s)…along with a word of intention.  This year, 2024, is a bit different.  This one is a little extra special. I will be celebrating 50 years of life – a fabulous, crazy, hard, beautiful life.  One that I wouldn’t trade for the world.  From 1974 to 2024, many ups and downs, wins and losses, celebrations and heartaches.  None of them would I change, none of them do I regret.  With this, I am not setting any crazy goals or intentions, I am simply going to live to the fullest with the motto “halfway there!” 

Here is my theory – I have the potential to live to 100 years old. Many of my grandparents almost made it, others reach this threshold all the time.  It’s not such an “outlandish idea.” If I did, it would mean I am only halfway through life! I could literally DOUBLE all that I’ve already experienced. The places, the people, the lessons – WOW!!  What an amazing thought. 

So, this is how I am approaching 2024 – with the sentiment of being “halfway there!” When my earthly clock hits 50 in April 2024, I will be ready.  Heck, I am ready now.  Making choices to accommodate this mindset – physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, spiritually.  Even if I don’t make it to 100, what will this mindset hurt?  In my opinion, nothing! Living to improve myself daily to be better than the day before and preparing myself for another half of life – this seems like quite the win/win. Nothing lost, only gained. I’m so excited!

Bring on 2024 – halfway there, baby, halfway there!!


My roadmap for a healthy “halfway there” mind and body (within my 5 fields of health):

Emotionally – self-improvement podcasts and books and healthy, fulfilling, motivating relationships.  I also want to approach my emotions and feelings in a more mindful way, with more self-check-ins to identify my actual feelings and emotions before reacting.

Mentally – self-care will be the name of the game, along with daily mindfulness and yoga practices (and the above repeated).

Physically – at least 30-minutes of daily exercise (cardio or lifting) and mindful eating (along with yoga and stretching).

Spiritually – (personally, believing in a greater being/power is vital to a healthy life – in my world, this is God)…weekly church, join/start a women’s small group, podcasts and books, daily prayer and time in the Bible, treating others with love and as I want to be treated.

Financially – moderate spending, smart investing/saving, tithing/giving…BUT, I also feel like this is the year I don’t want to be so “scared” of financial (business) decisions. I want to believe in myself enough to take risks, risks that will have a smart ROI, yet ones I may have not taken in the first 50 years!

Question – Are you with me (love ringing in a new year) or are new year celebrations not your thing? Let me know your thoughts – I can’t wait to hear.

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