Finding Your Best Self…

Feb 14, 2024

15 Questions to Help

Knowing who you really are makes everything simpler. Being true to yourself. Opening your mind to really asking yourself questions and sitting with the answers.  Learning about your authentic self is asking what you really care about, what breaks your heart, what opens your eyes, what lights you up. Knowing your authentic self and loving that person is what allows true healing, true self-compassion, true love. Making decisions from a place of knowing and being yourself helps you know when to say yes and when to say no – and when and how to truly be the genuine you.

Questions to find your best self:

  1. What do I love about myself?
  2. What do I feel like my life is missing and how can I get more of what I need?
  3. Where do I want to be in 5 years?
  4. When am I the best version of myself?
  5. What am I afraid to do?
  6. Can I improve any of my daily habits?
  7. Am I doing all I can do to reach my goals and/or full potential?
  8. What areas of my life can I improve in?
  9. What’s the one piece of advice I would give my future self?
  10. What are 5 things that make me smile?
  11. What steps can I take to be the most confident version of myself?
  12. What do I love doing?
  13. When am I the happiest version of myself?
  14. What makes me upset?
  15. If I could be anything in the world, what would I be?

Whether you stick with the answer you come up with immediately or you sit for a while to think about it (perhaps even adding some of these questions to a journal session, or two, or fifteen), be honest. Give yourself grace in your answers. Embrace each step (and emotion) in this process.

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