Fear . . .

Mar 26, 2024

…and some universal truths

Many will encourage you to be “fearless.” The truth is you need some level of fear for basic human survival.  To stay away from danger.  To an extent, fear protects you.

Fear is something you need to make space for, but not allow it to control your life to the point of keeping you from growth, development, or change.  Acknowledge it as something that will be present.  Allow it to have a seat in the car, but don’t ever allow it to take the wheel.

To stop living in fear, it is important to understand how fear takes hold of you. Fear is not only a survival mechanism, but also an emotion. As with all emotions, it is healthy to get a handle on it.  Fear, as an emotion, is incredibly complex and can be caused by different circumstances, thoughts, and past experiences.  

Some universal truths about fear are:

  • Fear brings forth difficult emotions and thoughts that can make you feel vulnerable
  • Fear thrives when ignored and/or pushed away
  • Fear lies, convincing you that you’re not capable of overcoming it

One of my favorite sayings is – fear is valid, but it is not trustworthy.  Many try to ignore fears or push them deep down to pretend they’re not that bad.  Then, in many cases, this can spiral into worry and anxiety that’s so hard to get out of.  To let go of the reins of any of this, it is important to recognize that fear is valid and that you can’t actually live in the complete absence of fear.  However, it is not something to be trusted.  Rather, you can:

  • Differentiate the rational fears from the irrational
  • Detach yourself from the emotions and act with intention, despite your fears
  • Have a healthy relationship with your fears

By facing fears, you’re allowing yourself to feel vulnerable, which will build self-confidence. Living is about getting to the point of acting upon things, despite any fears.  This then becomes courage.  It is about focusing on things you can control. About becoming more self-aware.  About diminishing the emotional reactivity to your fears.  And acting intentionally despite them.  

Now is the time to live with fear but stop living in fear.  Acknowledge it and move beyond it, through it.  Not ignoring it or going around it…or letting it stop you all together!

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